Flexible & Approachable

We are flexible and approachable, while not compromising on the professionalism or quality. We believe in coaching individuals to become adept at using French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) language in the real world. We believe in empowering folks with French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) language skills

We are committed to providing you with practical language skills, therefore, you’ll be able to take on real-world situations. Our activities conjointly inculcate soft skills like public speaking, skilled networking and other such talents in you that allows you to develop your language skill holistically.

Cultural Activities & Events

Our faculty has well experienced and qualified French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) teachers with legalized status in India. We provide counselling which is available seven days a week, 365 days a year. Students can continue their studies even though they have to shift to a different town. We organise cultural activities and events at the Institute, to bring the flavour of French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) culture.

I was with Miss Namrata for around 2 to 3 years. Not only did she teach me french, but she also handled all her students very well. Speaking, listening, vocabulary (her favourite way of testing whether you've been paying attention) are just a few of the amazing skills she bestowed upon us. Her aim wasn't only for us to get good grades like any other teacher, she also made sure we understand french as a language. Thanks to her, I did really well in French in IGCSE, and I am able to fluently converse in French. Elle est la meilleure professeure pour Français et je voudrais tous demander apprendre avec sa

Krish Choksi

I took up French tuitions for my 11th & 12th grade. Had never done French earlier. The classes were fun and I didn’t realise I had learnt so much at the end. Got an A+

Rohan Singhania

I took Namrata Ma'ams French class during my 10th grade. It was extremely helpful in terms of writing as well as speaking and listening because we only communicated in French throughout the class which helped our skills immensely. Apart from it being helpful, the classes were also very enjoyable because it was interactive. I ended up getting a* in French so the classes proved to be a good decision!

Jash Shah

Linguist is a wonderful place to kickstart your language learning journey. I am very greatful to Ms. Namrata Savla for making this journey very interesting. Not only did I learn about the language but culture as well. Learning this language has helped me broaden my horizons.

Raunak shah

My Experience of learning french here was amazing. Our trainer Ms. Namrata Savla ma'am is a very inspiring and friendly person. So we could learn a lot from her Danke! All the doubts were cleared in class.

Anuj Mehta

Offer Tailored Programs

Understanding one’s requirement, we offer tailored programs for various organizations. The main focus is on quickly gaining practical real-world skills and actionable results. The courses are carried out within the premises of the organization and the focus is on providing industry-specific knowledge once you’ve learnt the basics.