Why Mandarin

One of the primary private institutions in india dedicated to foreign language and culture. Let’s Learn Mandarin to get the better end of a business deal in China. Understand what your Chinese associates are talking throughout negotiations.

Linguist language experts, you will be able to learn how to speak, read and write Mandarin with confidence!

We inculcate fun activities to familiarise students with Chinese tones, grammar, characters and culture.

China being our largest

Trading Partner

Linguist language experts is one of India's most well recognized and established Institute! China being our largest trading partner and in order to break barriers, Linguist language experts brings to Mumbai the best mandarin courses that are designed specifically for professionals, businessmen, housewives, and entrepreneurs and students that makes the exchange all the more rich.

Our courses are exclusively designed for varied age groups and industries.

Chinese Framework

Our courses are exclusively designed for varied age groups and industries. Our students avail certifications in conjunction with our courses.

Our syllabus follows the Chinese Framework for Foreign Languages and our Study Material is designed and adapted to the linguistic needs of Indian students. We train our students for international examinations and help them to pass the hsk exams successfully.

e-Learning courses

We organise cultural activities and events at the Institute, to bring the flavour of chinese culture.

Our events include Chinese new year celebrations, art exhibits, native lectures, film and theater festivals, chinese food and music festivals and many more. They are all receptive to our students as well to the general public and therefore serve as a vehicle for cultural dialogue.

We adapt customized course packages to cater to the requirements of different industries.

Job Placement Opportunities

We also support students who prefer e-learning courses. Because of which we have come up with our own module and syllabus for e-learning to cater to that segment. We provide Job Placement opportunities to higher level students. As Mandarin language speakers are in high demand, we help our students in getting a job that suits their qualifications and preferences.






30 hours 22,500

Tardeo & Churchgate


30 hours 22,500

Tardeo & Churchgate


40 hours 25,000

Tardeo & Churchgate


40 hours 25,000

Tardeo & Churchgate


50 hours 30,000

Tardeo & Churchgate


60 hours 35,000

Tardeo & Churchgate

Interactive Language Courses

Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice advanced courses, Linguist language experts, is all that you need. Our Interactive language courses are designed by language experts and crafted as per ones requirements. We offers a varied range of language courses and will have you covered for everything, from vocabulary to grammar and pronunciation like no other language learning method.