About Linguists

Linguist language experts is a language and cultural center primarily based in Bombay. We concentrate on languages & cultures and specialize in teaching French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) languages. Our courses are uniquely created for all age groups and range from Beginners’ to Advanced skilled levels.

At Linguist language experts, we focus not only on the language knowledge, but we also want to help our students to develop on a personal level with better understanding of the language. That’s what makes our courses unique as we believe in giving personal attention to every individual.

We teach students from Pre-schools, Schools, Colleges and also employees from corporates. Our teaching strategies shatter all stereotypes, and that they enable you to master these languages in an exceedingly fun and simple way, within a short span of time. We assist you in gaining deeper and comprehensive understanding of the pronunciations, writing systems, tones, and therefore the synchronic linguistics.

Our Primary Goal

Linguist language experts, has been evolving with time and currently our teaching approach can be described as the best communicative performance in the language development. Our primary goal of this approach is to equip the learner with communicative ways and not focusing solely on one type of ability over others. With our commitment to excellence and expertise, we make sure that all of your learning requirements are addressed quickly, affordably and satisfactorily.

Our focus

Our focus is always on the quality of language education and that we are perpetually developing new ways of learning and teaching French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) language. We are one amongst the best private institution in India dedicated to foreign languages and culture. Our Certificates of registration and attendance will be given for all courses.

Fosters training process

Our Vision

To bridge the gap between India and different nations, by understanding one another from our own perspectives. To create an environment that fosters training process to most, where commitment and work go hand in hand.

Language and literature

Our Mission

To stimulate individuals to give the best of themselves and offer them with possibilities to succeed and to push their own boundaries. Enable oneself to achieve better understanding and to value one’s Language and literature. To empower skilled writing services in india and make communications effective and easier between India and the other nations leading to a deeper understanding of one another and thereby enables trust building.

No Age Limit

There is no age limit for these language courses; an individual of any age is welcome to do our courses. All our courses are intensive in nature and our students can achieve maximum level of proficiency in minimum span of time and this will be possible as a result of the precise teaching method designed for the Indian student that features reading skills, writing skills, listening skills, speaking and understanding and application of grammatical concepts.