Information & Values

We aim to offer the younger generations in India to become conversant in French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) language.

Did you know children have the ability to learn languages effortlessly during the first few years of life? Analysis show that learning a foreign language has positive effects on the development of thought and behavior of young children, perceived in the way they show empathy and sensitivity toward other people.

Our students are given ample information, exposure, practice and experience along with the cultural information and values of the foreign language that would facilitate further study of the language.

Learning the language

Students’ Activity

Our curriculum is designed using multi-media and audio-visual materials
for children of different age groups. We ensure that your child continues learning the language.

Our Kindergarten class is fun, interactive and full of games and activities for children to learn and work together

What Is In It For Your Kids

They respond very positively to language training and carry these into their adulthood. Learning French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) gives the children a special edge as we train them with distinctive activities like drawing, painting, singing and others. Our passionate teachers teach the language using innovative and fun activities enhancing logical & pictorial skills. We have designed our books & resources after elaborated analysis for kids of all age groups.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

With our innovative teaching methodology, we make sure that learning French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) becomes easy & fun for kids. One amongst the few advantages is that the children are exposed way too early to the most spoken languages in the world. They begin to gain benefits from cross functional cognitive development and learning stimulates different parts of their brain too.