Textbooks & Reference

Our Material

In addition to the materials – a textbook that is provided to our students on joining the class, Linguist language experts offers her students to access other textbooks and reference materials from her resource Library to enhance their language skills.

Various Universities & Bookstores

Resource Library

Having imported many of the texts, movies and cultural books from Various universities and bookstores, we encourage our students to borrow and enhance their language and cultural skills. Our student resource library caters to all levels of French, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin) and stocks content for everyone, be it adults, businessmen or children.

Different Languages & Cultures

Whether, you want to borrow a book from our extensive library or skype with our professional native teachers, Linguist language experts offers her students unlimited access to one of the most extensive libraries for different languages and Cultures.

Multimedia Aids

Empowering our students with exclusive multimedia aids, real time conversation classes, the latest in bilateral trade news and exciting networking events Linguist language experts offers her students with resources of various languages & Cultures selectively sourced and compiled for the students.

Flexible & Approachable

We are committed to providing you with practical language skills, therefore, you’ll be able to take on real-world situations. Our activities conjointly inculcate soft skills like public speaking, skilled networking and other such talents in you that allows you to develop your language skill holistically.